Its Okay If You Did Not Get in to The School of Your Dreams


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Back in high school i never really knew what i wanted to do in the future all i wanted was to draw. i kept drawing sceneries, girls and clothes. i kept doodling at everything, from my notebook to my test paper. i just wanted to draw. senior year came and of course we should go and take entrance exams to our desired university. me, of course i focused on the top 4 schools because all my friends did and well my standards were very high back in high school because i never dared to take other entrance exams below the top 4. i admit i’m not the most hardworking student in the bunch, i’d do what i can as long as i pass the subject. i didn’t care if i get a high grade as long as i graduate. yes, i was pretty self absorbed because of thinking that i’d easily pass the top 4 uni, thinking that i’d easily get in.

It may sound funny but i wrote different courses on my two entrance exam. the reason? i was unsure of what course i would pursue. i wasn’t ready for what was happening sometimes i wished that there was some college-life-generator that would just knock on my head and say hey, it’s time to graduate highschool and get ready for college! After all that, i got rejected. it was really disappointing, most of my classmates passed, even my friends. i didn’t only felt so left out i also didn’t want to end up at a university lower than the top 4. so i did what i had to do, i wanted to get in to a certain university. i did everything, i went to that university back and forth. my efforts were a success but i enrolled in a course which i wasn’t sure of.

I was happy being at my desired university but there were still some problems, first i wasn’t passionate like my other blockmates were, they were too good at what they’re doing i mean almost a pro! while i. . .was literally confused. i usually asked myself: what the hell am i dong here? do i really fit in here? i met really good friends at this certain uni and i wasn’t ready to leave it yet but to make the long story short i filed for transfer 3 months later.

Again, i was devastated, disappointed, i didn’t know what i was suppose to do. thankfully my high school best friends were there they supported me and helped me find my way. I decided i have to get back to school again there’s no way i’m disappointing my parents. so for the 6 months remaining i started looking for myself (?) mala Eat,Pray,Love ang peg. i then started researching what courses i wanted to take and i ended up choosing Fine arts, i went and started entrance exams at 2 universities, the one in taft and the one in recto (I’m sure you guys know what schools am i talking about 😉 ). i ended up choosing the one in recto. reason? Convenience and i hear they have a really good fine arts program. Long story short i graduated! i got my degree on April 27,2015.

College life has it’s ups and downs but mostly it was full of possibilities. at first there was literally a culture shock for me but i made a lot of meaningful friendship not like in high school where i was literally the wallflower, the kind of person that would just stick to the people i know. in college i found new friends on my first year being there but then we separated because they either transferred or got married. it was pretty lonely at first but as time goes by i found myself having a solid foundation of friends. through this institution  i did the things that i never knew i could accomplish. . .other than eating and sleeping. LOL. but anyway what i wanted to say is that It’s ok if you didn’t get into the school of your dreams, it’s really not the end of the world. trust me. you could try again. what i learned in this journey is that there are second chances. you fall down, you learn and you try and try til you get back up again. or you can find yourself, do things that you want to do until you’re ready to face this challenge. remember, there’s no failure in education as long as you are willing to learn you can at least try again.

and with that i end this letter with Congratulations Batch of 2015! 

We made it!

 Keep dreaming big, be brave, and be bold. the world awaits you!


2 thoughts on “Its Okay If You Did Not Get in to The School of Your Dreams

  1. Congratulations on your graduation. I think this post is so good and it is important to know that even if things didn’t work out how you first intended them too, that you can make adjustments and might just find a much better path to take. 🙂

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