What’s In My Make Up Bag?

Hello lovely girls, today i’m going to show you what’s in my make-up bag. there are actually 2 make-up bags that i actually use, one is for everyday make-up and the other is for special events or when i’m just in the mood to prettify myself tumblr_me96xrzFNr1qdlkyg. i’m gonna do another blog post for my other make-up bag. for now this review is my make-up bag for my everyday essentials.   When it comes to make-up, i don’t like using too much products on my face.especially during weekdays where i would just go to the office.sometimes,i just go bare faced when i leave the house. here are the products that i’m currently using.


1. 4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder

  You’ll know when a person uses the product too much is when the design is almost fading. what i love when using this product is the packaging! it’s so cute and looks like a sailor moon compact mirror. i got this in shade #2, i’m already on my 4th compact for this product since this baby has really good coverage. It’s finish make my skin look cakey at first but after a while it will blend onto my face. when i started using this i don’t use a concealer anymore since the product covers my eye bags and blemishes pretty well.the downside is when i use this product it makes my eyes itchy but it goes away after a while. other than that as the lazy/go-to girl that i’am this is my life saver everyday.


2. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Energizing Orange   The weather here in our country makes my lips dry and chappy this lip balm helps my lips stay hydrated and moist throughout the day.i don’t even need to re-apply it sometimes.


3. Etude House BB Magic Pact   Another look alike of sailor moon’s compact mirror!Anyway, this is my alternative when i run out of the Dreamgirl compact powder.this compact powder smells really fragrant and gives me a flawless finish. the downside is it’s light coverage because when i apply too much powder on my face i’ll end up looking like a ghost. tumblr_me96wn0j2Q1qdlkyg


4. Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk PK004  

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to lipstick but i’m learning to love them. ever since i bought this i wanted to collect them all! the cons of this lipstick is that it makes my lips flakey so i usually apply the Baby Lips Lip Balm first. That’s all! i never really put anything other than these because i have really sensitive skin. What about you guys~ what’s in your make-up bag? tumblr_inline_mjs0b4ee2p1qdlkyg


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