Green Tea Madness: Kozui Green Tea

Whenever my friends want to meet and catch up with each other I try to find a new cafe or hangout place where we, not only bond but also enjoy and discover something new.~

Since me and my bestfriend J. didn’t have a chance to meet this last 6 months or so we decided to catch up and hang out at Kozui Green Tea. I found the cafe while researching restaurants at Tomas Morato. I thank J. for still wanting to go here despite how sleepy and tired he was because he just got back from the gym.

Kozui Green Tea is a quaint little cafe that is nestled in the busy streets of Tomas Morato. Once inside, the interior has a really home-y feel. It looks like a good place for studying actually.

Their menu specializes in Green Tea which was the reason why I wanted to try the place because i’am obsess with green tea! Tea’s, Green Tea Kitkat, Even what I usually order at Starbucks is their Green Tea Frappuccino or Matcha Latte! That’s why I really wanted to try the place. Don’t judge me!~ lol

I ordered the Chilled Green Tea Zaru Soba since J. was really confused on what to order I recommended J. to order the Genmaicha Lemon teaz which was one of their best-sellers.

ColdnoodlesChilled Green Tea Zaru Soba (Php 180)

Their Green Tea Cold Noodles was literally cold noodles, forgive me since it was my first time to try it. hihi~ It had ice in the middle tucked in the noodles and it’s sprinkled with sauce, wasabi and chives. It tastes really good actually.

J. didn’t like the after taste of the Genmaicha. He said it tasted like brown rice. I’m actually used to brown rice flavors. Brown rice tea or brown rice milk tea, you name it. I have a box of brown rice tea at home since they really taste good and is good for the body as well!

We had a long and fun conversation, the interior of the place is really good for hanging out. I noticed that there are many yuppies and teenagers there even though it’s already 12 am!


Green Tea Anmitsu (Php 150) 

For the last part, We ordered the Green Tea Anmitsu, one of their best sellers as well. The dessert looks like a green tea halo-halo! You get to choose 3 flavors for this one, they have Mango, Double Taro, Strawberry and Melon. We chose the Double Taro.


It was really good, even though the serving was made for two people and it wasn’t enough for us. I did love the dango’s though! The Green Tea Anmitsu is definitely a must try!

We really enjoyed the place, J. said he might hang out and study here soon. We loved that the interior is nice and cozy, it’s a really perfect place for studying, hanging out with friends, dates or when you just want to chill. Plus points for the healthy menu’s they have! It was perfect for J. who just got back from the gym. I’m definitely coming back here to try their other specialties.

I end this post with our selfies and polaroids!

2015-05-18 23.05.01


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