F*ck, Catcalling

For people who have been reading my posts, as you may well know that i just graduated and also landed a job.

I’m a graphic designer at this certain cosmetics company. I really like what i do, What i hate is just that i have to commute to work. I don’t hate the transportation, I hate the walking. Why? Because of men that are catcalling me. Seriously, It’s not just me who endures this, my girl friends too, mostly women endure this!

Everyday, I have to endure the men who pass by me and say “Hi beb”, Hi Ganda” or “Hi idol”. Recently, while i was walking to work i usually pass by a tricycle lane (which i usually avoid) and the inevitable happened, This tricycle driver who was old said “Hi beb ang ganda mo ngayon, ingat ka”. Like, I just seriously. . .mentally want to punch him in the nuts! Most of the people who catcall are tricycle drivers and truck drivers or tambay sa kanto. I hate that no matter how much i turn up my earphones they would walk pass by me closely and whisper stupid things. IT IS TERRIBLE. IT IS ANNOYING AND IT IS DISRESPECTFUL TO WOMEN. Whenever i hear them say it i just want to cry because i’m scared but deep inside i’m holding it in, acting like nothing is wrong.

I would usually think, aren’t they married or do they have a daughter?? What if someone did this to them, catcalling their daughter infront of them!

This infographic i found on Facebook made by Mica Cruz is really on point!


I actually don’t have the luxury to have a “sundo” or a car but i sometimes wish i have one, so that i could avoid these kinds of people.

Women who commute are the victims of Catcalling. I know a lot of people are aware about this and i really hope that these things should stop.


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