My Graduation Make Up


Thanks to the internet and my ever growing love for Korean & Japanese style Makeup i didn’t have to hire a makeup artist on my graduation day. I went with the “No Make Up” Makeup look so it looks natural because hey, why do you want heavy makeup on your graduation day? Especially in our country’s hot weather.

Before my graduation day, i purchased two products which were: Face Powder and Lipstick. Those were the only thing that was missing from my make-up kit. The other products i used are Etude House’s Precious Mineral Bright Fit and Cotton Fit, when you mix these two together i swear they make the perfect finish. Sometimes, i’m really careful when mixing Cotton fit since it has a much lighter shade and it might turn my skin ghostly white. For my cheeks i use Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks, even though i have to put a few more applications because of the subtle color this blush has i still like it since it looks very natural. I just applied a light pink color on my cheeks for the feminine look. For my eyes, i used Etude House’s Oh My Eyeliner to draw a Cateye. What i like about the eyeliner is that it’s so easy to remove and doesn’t smudge on your eyelids the whole day. For my eye shadow, i used a palette from my mum’s, i chose a shimmery light pink color. For my eyelashes, i used Maybelline HyperCurl Volume Express Mascara. 

Now for the new things i bought. First is the face powder which is the Etude House BB Magic Pact. I was actually looking for a finishing powder for my BB cream, i had to choose between the BB Magic Pact or the Precious Mineral Any cushion but i opted for the BB Magic Pact instead since it has a nice shimmer and was perfect for my BB cream. Lastly, for my lips i bought the Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk( PK004), i already posted this product on my “What’s in my make-up bag?”. I love the pigment in this lipstick and it’s also suitable for any occasion.

Well, that’s all of it! I hope you find my super short reviews helpful since i’m not that good at make-up reviews. I just tell my honest opinion about these products since i’ve been using them for quite a while. Again, congratulations to all the new graduates of 2015 and for those who are still in school, study hard, READ alot and cherish every moment of it because someday you are going to miss it. Trust me.




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