The Sunday Currently / / Vol. 1

A lot of bloggers have been doing this lately and although i’m not the kind of person to follow what’s mainstream i think this kind of blog post is a brilliant idea for updating YOU, my followers about what’s currently happening in my life. So i’ll be doing this series every week.

The Sunday Currently


Love, Rosie i like that Cecila Ahern was able to use a letter, type, text to tell the story. It is definitely interesting from when Rosie and Alex exchanged letters to their online chats. This story definitely made me feel like i’m growing old alongside the characters.


This list. I’m having fun.


Years & Years – King

Been super obsessed with the song lately.


If i should sleep or keep scrolling.


Nothing, my allergic rhinitis is acting up. I hate this.


I have time for my creative pursuits.


Pajamas. It’s pretty much what i wear at home.


NANA from afterschool. She’s my current bae and i’m glad that she’s with Sunny on SBS Roomate Season 2. Two of my favorite biases together!


A Keds x Kate Spade Sneakers to replace my worn out Converse.


Sleep. A lot of sleep.


Happy and Tired. Happy, since i’m grateful for the things that are in my life right now. Tired, because having a job is very tiring (well duh!). But how can people do the same routine everyday. No wonder people want to be famous than have a decent job.


Love, Rosie so i have the tendency to read before watching movies. i have to say i’m extremely disappointed. It’s cute and all but do they really have to take Brian the Whine, Kevin and Stephanie out? There’s a lot of things missing from the movie. I felt like i just watched too many scenes with good lighting and music but the movie definitely didn’t catch the whole essence of the book.

SBS Roomate Season 1 i watched this because of Nana but right now i’m so obsessed with Min Woo, Ga Yeon, Dong Wook (mmm…) and Se Ho. i just wished they stopped pairing Se Ho with Nana though it’s becoming really annoying.

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