The Sunday Currently Vol. 4


48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene




Lay it All on Me – Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran


Roomate season 2 ended! huhu I hope they come back with season 3 but it looks impossible T T. I’m still depressed that the show ended! It’s been 3 weeks!





My adult acne or whatever this is to go away! I’ve never had this many acne before and this is really stressing me out. tumblr_inline_mjs0afSkWq1qdlkyg


The mickey mouse t-shirt my mum got me and leggings.


The show entitled “A Style for You”. If you’re into Korean fashion i highly recommend you watch this show! I’m not a fan of korean drama since i don’t like watching cliche and sappy romantic shows. I don’t know why but maybe i’m getting old. . . gyaaaa! noooo!~  Anyway because of it i usually watch reality t.v shows. but what i’m really happy about the show is that Kim Heechul is in it! tumblr_m9gcvxaBVe1qzckow


My pimples to go away. seriously.


Soft drinks to go with the cookies. tumblr_ly8lk7K7x21qgy16y


I wanna watch a new show. any recs?


I know this is sort of late but i just watched Heneral Luna a week ago and that movie changed me. It changed my perspective on philippine movies and history. Frankly, I don’t watch filipino movies because it has the same predictable plot. okay, don’t kill me. but it’s the truth. except for That thing called Tadhana though or any other movie that Antoinette Jadaone produced (Big fan here). anywhooooo , heneral luna was so awesome that my dentist even recommended it to me. If you haven’t watched it yet i highly recommended you do! xD


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