Serenitea 2016 Planner

I got the 2016 Serenitea Diary as a gift from my boyfriend. In my opinion, Serenitea has always been the leading brand in the Philippine milk tea industry. I’ve seen the brand evolve since I have always been a fan of their milk tea back in high school. Yep, their very first store was near our school. Guess where? tumblr_m9gclpn3pQ1qzckow I definitely wouldn’t go home without ordering one of my favorite Matcha Latte up until now! It’s nice to see them expand as a business from milk teas to chocolates, teas and now planners! I’m glad that the boyfriend got me this since i have a serious love for planners because i feel that it keeps my life in order.


The planner comes in a mini rucksack which is quite handy when you want to bring it anywhere or when you want to use it as a pencil case, make-up, etc. It comes with 2 cute washi tapes.


The cover looks very eco-friendly. I love the embed gold foil design on the cover.


One of the important things i look for in a planner is a goal list or a bucketlist. It has a “What to aim for 2016” which includes what places to visit, wishes, accomplishments and many more. I think the

‘Places to visit’ part has very little space since i would write down new cafe’s and restaurants not going abroad hihi. tumblr_m9gct8HYvv1qzckow

 (Sorry, the photo comes in blurry i think my camera is giving in. tumblr_m9gckikmxf1qzckow)


There’s also a Workout tracker for those who want to achieve their ideal weight and Palate pleasures (Found what i’m looking for!) which is where you want to put the restaurants/cafe’s you wish to visit or if you’re a food blogger this is very helpful for you if you want to take notes down. of course, Serenitea wouldn’t forget their loyal customers! The planner comes with vouchers! It’s super helpful for those who usually hang out at Serenitea or if you want to share it with a friend.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

I also love how spacey the notes are! I wish they released this while i was still in college!

I think i’ll be using the notes for doodling tho. What do you guys think of the planner? 🙂

This is Serenitea’s first planner and i think they did a great job at it. You can get the planner for free when you purchase a single receipt of Php 1,200.

(c) All images are taken by me please do not redistribute it and claim it as your own.


3 thoughts on “Serenitea 2016 Planner

  1. Wow, that looks like such an incredible planner. I love all the sections that it has. I would love to get something like that. I will have to check if they are available in Australia. 😀

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