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I’ve never thought that i’ve accumulated a lot of lippies in just a year! I’ve never been the kind of girl who wears lipstick a lot since i hate how noticeable the color is. But since I work in a korean cosmetic company which entitles me to fall in love with beauty products my lipstick collection has been growing non-stop and I want to share them with you guys. Note that, I’m not good at beauty reviews and this won’t be the kind of review you read with swatches and stuff. This is just my honest opinion, so bear with me. hihi.

Ever Bilena – Off Beat Pink

The Ever Bilena gives a matte finish to the lips so I use a lip balm before applying it since this is very drying to the lips. The color payoff is quite nice! I use this sometimes when I opt for gradient style lips. A very good lipstick for Php 150.


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Cover Girl Lipstick – Honeyed Mielleux

I bought this lipstick because my office mate told me that Cover Girl was on sale at Watsons’ Lipstick Festival. It was buy one take one and she said that we should share and that I would just pay half the price. I don’t remember how much was it but since it was very cheap. . .I thought, why not??

She asked me what color do I wanted and since I was a newbie when it comes to lipsticks, I let her pick and just told her I wanted a subtle color that won’t be noticeable since i’m gonna wear it everyday in the office. So she got me the Honeyed Mielleux, I love the scent it gives! The lipstick is very moisturizing and does give a subtle hint of color that’s not noticeable. It’s not long lasting though. The color is kind of like Kylie Jenner’s nude lipstick but with a creamy and smooth finish. I also love the metallic packaging however it gets easily scratched. The bottom part displays the color of the product which was rather accurate that Ever Bilena’s. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the purchase. This was actually my first ever Cover Girl product and I think I’m gonna try their other products since this lippie amazed me.

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Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK 004

Etude House has gorgeous colors when it comes to their lipsticks and lip tints. Not to mention their adorable princess-y packaging that you just can’t resist. I purchased the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK 004 because I love pink. The Dear My Blooming Lips Talk however is very drying to the lips. It’s very flaky and doesn’t glide on very smoothly. So, I use a lip balm before applying it. Nevertheless, I’m in love with the color! This is also my alternative when I want to have that korean gradient lips. If you ever purchase this, just make sure to moisturize and exfoliate your lips.


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Maybelline Lip Balm Pink Peony

I ran out of my trusty Baby Lips Lip Balm – Energizing Orange so I had to grab a new one. I was thinking if I should purchase this or the Dr. Rescue Baby Lips. But since the other one was pricier I opted for this. Again, It is a pink color. It’s automatic when I choose a color or thing. It will be PINK.

Anywhoo, I love that this lip balm gives off a nice pink color on the lips. Seriously, for a girl who doesn’t want any noticeable color on the lips this is my one true love! It moisturizes my lips for 4 hours like any other Baby Lips Lip Balm. It glides very smoothly on the lips which I like. The one thing I hate is the strawberry fragrance it gives off. I just don’t like how it smells. . . and maybe taste. That’s the down side of it. But, Overall this product is my holy grail when I want to moisturize my lips. I’ll just pick a different flavor next time (lol).


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Etude House Color in Liquid Lips PK009

I cannot describe how I’am so in love with this lippie! The color payoff is amazing, I’am in love with it. It gives an intense color in just one application. I’ve been wearing this most of the time. Even though I have a little trouble applying liquid lipstick since it gets on my teeth or I apply too much of it. This is definitely a flexible lippie if you want to go from office look to kawaii in a few swipes since it can create a perfect gradient lip tint. Although it is very drying to the lips so make sure to moisturize your puckers before applying this.

That’s all the current lippies I use. . .depending on my mood. I would love to know what lipstick do you currently love to use. Share in the comments below. tumblr_inline_miw4x8Aknb1qz4rgp

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