Baguio 2016

I have never been to Baguio in all my life. I just know that it’s the summer capital of the Philippines and they are known for their strawberries. Yup, Big city girl right here. I decided to visit Baguio because of the movie That Thing Called Tadhana so last February, I finally got to visit the place!

We arrived there at 7 am and our first stop was the Lion’s Head. There were a lot of tourists taking a picture with the lion and it was friggin’ cold so I wasn’t in the mood to take one because I was shivering! It truly is the summer capital of the Philippines. I guess that’s my “warm” welcome in Baguio. Good thing that there are vendors that were selling strawberry taho, the one that i was longing to taste. It tastes the same as the taho back in Manila, but only in strawberry flavor.




We had our breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins recommended by a friend. He said that it was one of the most popular restaurants in Baguio and upon researching it was one of the places Angelica and JM visited in the movie!!! I love the interior of the place. It has a garden setting that is very relaxing and romantic, a great place for a date especially at night. *wink *wink


Their prices are very reasonable as the serving has more than enough quantities. I could say that I had a very excellent breakfast that time.

Our next stop was suppose to be La Presa but it was closed due to tourists and sellers that went a little haywire with the trash so they decided to close it down from the public to protect the environment according to the locals there. We had to ask a couple of times which way was La Presa and why is it closed because our tour guide wanted us to see the place so badly.

So, our first stop now was Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. I think the calorie from the food I ate immediately burned after climbing the stairs.


Next was Burnham Park, Where there are endless amounts of shops and stalls to check out. We immediately went boat riding with an actual boat and not the swan-like boats that’s for couples. Because we’re clingy like that. jk. We had trouble with the boat paddle because it was taking us nowhere we kept going round and round. But it was a fun experience even though we just stayed at the same spot the whole time at least my friends got to practice their boat paddling skills!



Before the boat ride

I was also wearing a T-shirt under the sweater, my clothes were covered up in full swing. I thought Baguio was super cold, turns out it wasn’t that cold. Top and Sweater is from HappyMallow.


Group photo after my friends successfully learned how to paddle

We also went bike riding. I admit I felt like I was in Luneta because of the bike ride.


Next, We went to Bell Church. It was a familiar place because I was used to visiting temples with my parents. But Bell Church was no ordinary temple. The temple fascinated me with its beautiful view and lush green garden. The architecture was a beauty to look at. It’s definitely a suitable and peaceful place to relax and meditate!



When dawn came we passed by at Camp John Hay. There are also shops that sell wine, food and clothes. The popular attraction there is horse riding.


At night we had the chance to explore the city as we went to Session Road. You can buy clothes and shoes at a cheap price. Most girls were sporting wedge sneakers which were below Php 1,000 if you buy them. Because of the chilly weather, there wasn’t any airconditioner in the taxi’s and most of the places in Baguio, even in our hotel.

The next day we went to the Strawberry Farm. Strawberry picking was Php 500/kilo. It was super fun picking strawberries I felt like Agnes. LOL. There was also a lot of shops that sell pasalubong and most of them are strawberries!





Next was the Bencab Museum. Pinush talaga namin to’ because it wasn’t part of the itinerary. I really have a huge appreciation for museums, my personal favorite is the Pinto Art Museum. Once you enter you will immediately be welcomed by different kind of artworks. It is a 4 level base building and each has a terrace that gives you an amazing view of the garden. The museum houses a lot of indigenous artworks. The most unique was the erotica section. Of course, as a former fine arts students i’m pretty immune by these kinds of artworks as we used to draw nude portraits of men and women. The ground level had a cafe and a garden which was a great place for Instagram worthy selfies. You can enjoy a great view of the mountains of Baguio as you sip a coffee from Cafe Sabel. Imagine if you did this at night!





There’s a part of the garden that reads restricted access. You have to pay for you to enter their strawberry garden and go on a trek in the forest. I feel pretty satisfied coming here because not only can you enjoy the artworks but also appreciate nature at the same time.






For lunch, We went to Mines View Park. We didn’t take too long here as we only went to check out the view. It was really crowded and people were taking a lot of selfies so I couldn’t appreciate the view very much. We also bought souvenirs such as Ube jams from Good Shepherd as well as Peanut brittle, Choco flakes and Sundot Kulangot from the stalls near there.DSC_0857


Next stop was The Botanical Garden. My favorite part here was the Japanese inspired park. Everything felt all Japanese-y from the artificial pond to the stairs that lead to the Japanese Tunnel. Being in Baguio made me feel like i’m in a different place.





Awkward smile. My new friend who was a local there insisted that I take a photo on this rock. I think he had fun with my camera.

Processed with VSCO



The last part was a quick visit to The Mansion. A great view but there’s not much to see.





My visit to Baguio was such a surreal experience. I really enjoyed the visit. It was a great place to escape to from the city, now I understand why Mace came here!



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