Let’s Take A Trip to Wonderland at The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio

I finally had the chance to try The Bunny Baker Cafe! I have been wanting to try this restaurant ever since I heard about it and you guys know why! I love all things kawaii and adorable which makes The Bunny Baker Cafe a haven for me.

The interior of the place is decorated with cute knick knacks such as bunny chairs, cartoon character cakes and picturesque ceiling lights, not to mention the glow in the dark stars on the ceilings. The place is so insta-worthy!


I actually chose this place to meet up with my friends for a mini-reunion because it’s near our work place, talk about destiny (lol). I was the first one who got there so I had to order something. Bunny Baker is famous for their latte art, so I immediately ordered the Cafe Latte and requested for a 1 shot of espresso. When the coffee was served, it was designed with a bear on it. I CAN’T EVEN. IT’S SO CUTE THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DRINK IT.

20160608_184440 copy

Cafe Latte – Php 125

After my friends I. and M. arrived, we decided to order the Beer Blackened Pork Chops, White Fish En Papilliote and Creamy Pesto. The Beer Blackened Pork Chops had a sweet and savory taste that makes you wanting to run for more!


Beer Blackened Pork Chops – Php 295

The Creamy Pesto had a good balance of pesto sauce and combination of mushroom and cheese but it’s “Nakakaumay” though.

20160608_192814 copy

Creamy Pesto – Php 250

The White Fish En Papilliote is delicious, It was wrapped in a paper bag so I think it was heated in the oven. Nonetheless, it’s goooood. You can check out their menu here.

Fish bunny baker

White Fish En Papilliote – Php 250

For dessert, we ordered the Ooey Gooey which consisted of a brownie underneath and salted caramel ice cream. When you take a piece the ice cream would melt with the brownie hence the name, Ooey Gooey. For me, I like that it isn’t too sweet for my tastebuds but me and my friend I. couldn’t finish it because we were too full and M. didn’t help us eat it cause she doesn’t like desserts.

ooeygooey copy

Ooey Gooey – Php 285

I. also ordered the Cafe Latte and requested a bunny design on hers. bunny cup

Overall, we had a great time at this place. It has a cozy and comfortable interior that makes the place a great hangout or a meeting place. It is also great for mini-events and if you’re a kid at heart then The Bunny Baker Cafe is one of the places you need to visit in Manila!

The Bunny Baker Cafe

Third Floor, Hemady Square, 1193 E. Rodriguez Avenue Corner Dona Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City


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