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When A’PIEU announced their collaboration with Rilakkuma months ago I WAS STOKED! Rilakumma is my favorite cartoon character and I knew had to get one! There are a lot of Korean cosmetic companies that are collaborating with cartoon characters and admist all of them Rilakkumma caught my eye. Oh Korea, Y U DO DIS? tumblr_inline_miw4wvwSFp1qz4rgp

This is my first time trying a product from A’PIEU and I will be reviewing their Rilakumma x A’PIEU Airfit Cushion Foundation! tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow




The packaging IS. SO. CUTE. No doubt about it! As expected with this BB cushion the casing is bulky and opening the product is the same as any other BB Cushion out there. The product comes with an extra applicator puff with a Rilakkuma design on it too and an extra refill.









Inside the puff

Somehow it creeps me out when I stare onto those holes for long periods of time. It reminds me of Etude House’s BB Cushion posters at the mall. Like I literally don’t want to look at it but you have no choice because it’s a big ass poster. But then the holes creep you the eff out. 


The product has some sort of fresh floral, fruity kind of smell. My nose is really sensitive to smell (I kid you not, I can smell and know what you ate when you talk to me. Really weird I know. Don’t judge me.) so the scent is bearable for me.


Php 966.00


Natural Pure Water 7, trehalose, marshmallows extract, Soft Focus Powder, Aloe Vera / Tea Tree extracts (source)

Where to buy:

Sae Sil Parknshop

Product Description:

As usual Hangul is written on the box so I got this description instead from Kkochipida.

  • Weightless texture as light as air
    Quick & Easy Make up
  • Weightless Texture & Dewy Finish
    -Ari-Light Powder sets on skin as forming a transparent layer, giving more coverage as being dabbed.
    -Containg a mineral water instead of water.
  • Seamlessly Blend onto Skin
    -Rolling gel system ensures soft application for skin bumps, helping coveraging-texture to be applied on skin evenly.
    -Sliding powder gives silky feeling
  • Comfortable Thin Layer with Smart Coverage
    -Air cover powder creates silky & buidable thin coverage layer, Easy to fix makeup at anytime & anywhere
  • Suitable to Sensitive Skin
    -contaning Aloe vera & tea tree Extracts for sensitive skin.
    -Patented ingredient, “Avocado-derived peptide” gives skin care treatment.

The shades that are available are #21 and #23. I chose Shade No. 23 so that it looks natural on my skin tone.

Here is a swatch of the product:

As you can see on the photo above it dries to a matte finish and easily absorbed onto my skin.

Application & Result:

DSC_0292Here is my bare face with no primer. I have a couple of bumps, acne and slightly bit of redness which is not noticeable on the photo.






DSC_0293Here is an application of the product. dun-dun-dun-dun le ghost~ tumblr_inline_mjs0afSkWq1qdlkyg

Notice that the product is too light for my skin tone. I panicked a little on this but I waited for it to oxidize onto my skin. There’s also a hint of grey undertone on the product.




DSC_0295 Here is the product in full application.








On the last photo, It didn’t cover my acne however it did hide my under-eye circles and my redness but I still think this product still needs the use of a concealer. I also love the applicator puff since it gives a lot more product on my face than the one I use which is the Laneige applicator puff so a little goes a long way with this product. The foundation feels lightweight on my skin as if I’m not wearing anything. You can also notice that it oxidized on my skin pretty well and matched my skin tone perfectly however the foundation has a slightly dewy finish which I don’t like since the weather here is humid. I tested this product out a few days ago and I actually used a finishing powder to tone down the dewy look and for the product not to slide down my face because I have an oily fez especially on the T-zone and the day that I tried this was when I went to the mall. It was humid and hot then it rained. It was a humid mess. For oily skin people, I think you need to use a blotting paper at least once or twice a day with this one. I can say that it stayed on my skin for 9 hrs. but it looked oily after a couple of hours and I was a greasy mess that day.



You’ll also notice that it provides a lot of coverage and gave my skin a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.



Overall, I think the product is amazing! I’d use this for everyday wear or events. I love the applicator puff, the coverage especially since it hid my eye bags without any concealer and the cute packaging!  I just don’t like the slight dewy finish it gives since I have oily skin so by all means I avoid anything with that kind of application. I also highly recommend that you use a finishing powder or whichever powder you prefer to set this product. I also think that this product suits people who have Normal to Dry/Combination skin.

Thank you for checking out my review! I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment. tumblr_inline_mjs0b4ee2p1qdlkyg



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