Hong Kong Travel Diary 2016: Day 2


Here is the view from our hotel!~

The next day we had breakfast at Cafe de Coral. It was just a few blocks away from our hostel and it was introduced to us by T. of course. The food here serves a lot of set meals. It’s very cheap and comes with drinks. Since we don’t speak Cantonese T. told us to order our food by number and the rest will follow. This was our go-to food joint at Hong Kong and their menu changes from time to time as well.




My boyfriend’s order


My OOTD for Hong Kong Disneyland.

After eating we immediately took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Lai King where there were crowds who are also going to Disneyland so if you feel lost. Just follow them~ After Lai King we rode an MTR to Sunny bay where the train was so cute as it had a Mickey Mouse shaped window on it.


The train was adorned with statues of disney characters.



We bought the tickets infront of Disneyland Park which costs a whopping HK$539.




The infamous entrance of HK Disneyland. Never thought that i’d see it in person! tumblr_inline_miw4x8Aknb1qz4rgp

When we went in we first had to explore the shops around Main Street Station and I was so gleeful at that time because I felt like we were in an actual cartoon setting. The weather was cloudy and it rained later in the day but at least the rides weren’t cancelled because of the weather. There was a lot of walking to do here as well so better get comfortable shoes ready if you’re visiting here.





T. was our tourist guide again since he got to go here several times already. He kept bugging us to try the RC Racer. It was the first attraction we tried and it’s like Vikings in Enchanted Kingdom but only more scarier and intense. lol Vikings had a subtle drop when you go back and forth, but this one has a big drop when it goes back and forth!

I promised myself i’am not going to ride this ever since I almost had a heart attack riding it! My adrenaline rush was intense and I was still shaking after the ride! It’s fun (for the guys i’m with) but not for the faint of heart.


The RC Racer looks like a harmless ride from afar.


Howdy Partner~

I wanted to take a photo with Lots-O at the Barrel of Fun but it was already closed. tumblr_me96xanYKH1qdlkyg

After the death defying ride we went to Ye Olde Fantasyland Theatre at Fantasyland where it’s showing Mickey’s Philharmagic. I really loved the look and feel of the place. It felt like we were in a small quaint village. The displays feel like we were in the 18th century.

The line was so long though, as expected in a theme park but this is my favorite attraction of all! This place is a 4D Film attraction where you’ll experience what Donald duck sees through scent, wind, bubbles and more! The movie starts with Donald Duck getting frenzied by Mickey’s orchestra from the movie Fantasia. He bounces from a different disney character dimension to another as he chases Mickey’s sorcerer hat, there you’ll experience and feel what he sees. At the end Mickey pops up and saves the day! While Donald gets stuck into the theatre’s back wall which was very funny!



It’s the wizard from Enchanted Kingdom! Watchu’ doin here? kidding!

T. then led us to Mickey and the Wondrous Book. He led us into a theatre where people were also coming in and starting to fill the seats. The attraction was a musical and the most unique part of it was the screen where Mickey, Goofy and Olaf would occasionally pop out. The story is about a magical book where Mickey and Goofy were so amazed. Olaf pops out and can’t return to the book so Mickey goes on an adventure in the book to ensure Olaf safely returns. Each page brings a fantastic musical number and my favorite was Merida and Rapunzel’s story! The whole story is in Cantonese but there’s a translation in LED lights which I didn’t bother to read as it was so fast. I just enjoyed the music and the presentation.




Still in Fantasyland, we went to try the “It’s a small world” ride where you’ll be greeted with children singing “It’s a small world after all” in Cantonese. I kinda admit the dolls freaked me out.







After that, we had lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall adjacent to Mickey’s Philharmagic. The Royal Banquet Hall features statues of different Disney princesses and their stories. The place also serves a mix of asian and western cuisine. The interior was pretty fantastic as it looks like you’re in the dining hall of a european castle.


The food was expensive and it tasted pretty bland. The saddest thing is I didn’t finish mine and it’s the first time for me not to finish food at my age. It was a total waste good thing my friends ate some of it. I guess I was still jet-lagged.


Me and my boyfriend chose the Vegetable Tempura Udon (HK $65) he was suppose to order a different one but due to language barriers he got the same as mine. tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow

After lunch T. led us to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! Which was pretty fun! Your goal is to defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg by firing lasers as you control the cannon and score points! Use the joystick to spin your ride and target the “Z” signs with your lasers. You can compete with your friends who are in another cannon or with your partner!



While we were going to Adventure land we were greeted with the Flights of Fantasy parade!~





We then went to Adventure land where it had a jungle theme with all the tikis and spears.


T. told us that we should visit Tarzan’s treehouse which we’ll reach by riding a raft because we had to cross a river.


It’s an elephant!


Tarzan’s treehouse is very creative everything looks so real but when you get a feel of the trees or plants it’s artificial. Did you see how real the Elephants look?! Kudos to the people who built this. We climbed Tarzan’s treehouse and in each scene you can relive the life of Tarzan from when he was almost attacked by a leopard as a baby to how she met Jane Porter. It’s amazing how I felt like I was in the story itself while escalating through the scenes. The displays were very interesting to look at especially Professor Porter’s equipments and how Tarzan lived a life there. You can get a great view of the whole Adventure Land from the top where it’s an insta-worthy post!




After this we had to hurry and line up for the Festival of the Lion King where the line was painfully long and we had to wait for 30 minutes. Honestly, i’m not complaining because i’m really patient with long lines and i’m in one of the happiest places on earth!


This guy kept smiling at my camera but he was so quick at turning around that I couldn’t get a good shot of him. tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow

The musical relives the story of Simba, Nala and Scar. They performed Hakuna Matata, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, Can You Feel The Love Tonight and other well known songs through dancers which are well versed in animal choreography. There’s also a fire dance, special effects and an aerial performance which looked so magical!







After watching the spectacular performance we decided to buy souvenirs since we were a little near Main Street.




Every merchandise was so cute! But nothing caught my attention because most of the products are targeted for kids. I was even second thinking if I should buy the Minnie Mouse ears everyone was donning there. I was asking my boyfriend several times if it’s worth buying it since everything was so expensive here. We went back to the souvenir shop several times because I was still deciding if I should buy it, In the end I bought and T. even told me that it took me so long to decide. tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow








We then went to Hyperspace mountain which had a long line once again. My legs were aching from all the walking and I almost thought I was gonna give in. We got a ride in less than 20 minutes. The lines here are super long but it’s bearable since it moves fast. The ride was super fun. If you’re looking for thrilling rides you guys should try this! It totally woke me up and forgot about my aching legs.

We hurried off to sit on a sidewalk at Main Street for the Paint the Night Parade. It was one of the magical nights ever! I loved the parade and I would go back for this!





We then hurriedly went infront of Sleeping Beauy’s castle to watch the fireworks a perfect thing to finish the tour. The fireworks were amazing and magical.


We had dinner at a traditional Hong Kong cuisine located in Mong Kok street. We still walked all the way to the MTR. Good gawd, I’am going to lose weight if I live here. It seems it’s a ‘thing’ to walk here. T. said people don’t own cars here as parking is very expensive so some prefer to commute.



We ordered was around HK$25 and it comes with iced tea

This is much cheaper and so delicious than what we ate at Disneyland HK!


Eat Together is situated near the night market so went to buy souvenirs for our friends and family. The streets at Mong Kok reminded me of Binondo and Divisioria malls like 168 or 999 only they’re more cleaner and organized. We then headed home and capped off the night. It was tiring but worth it.

Have you been to Disneyland HK or the night market in the streets of HK? Feel free to leave a comment below~


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