Staycation in Manila

With everybody in town being in a festive mood as it’s the holiday season, I for one needed downtime from it all. I wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and just relax but staying for one night in a hotel is expensive so I opted for an AIRBNB. Does that sound weird? I wanted somewhere that’s home-y and simple so I started searching for rooms that fit my preference (Tinder lang??) and most of them looked. . .bland? Thankfully I saw a quaint room located at Makati owned by a lovely couple. The room looked cozy and well decorated with hipster paraphernalia. I immediately booked it right away.

This is what the place looks like. It’s kinda like a dorm since it has a kitchen. The place also has keyless entries, locks and lights will turn on by itself once you enter the living room which was pretty cool. The place is also very near malls, groceries and restaurants. It was very convenient for me since I don’t know how to cook. haha! tumblr_inline_mm2wbgeIOz1qz4rgpOh and they have reaaallly fast Wi-fi!

Welcome to my temporary abode tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg

Binge watching The Legend of the Blue Sea tumblr_inline_mjs0b8TvcQ1qdlkyg

I did a lot of productive things that day, and by productive I mean playing The Sims all day. Overall, I had a really enjoyable stay and really felt at home. The place was just perfect for me! Price is just right and everything I needed was there. A perfect place to also muni-muni and ponder about your single life. Charot!

Have you tried booking an overnight stay on AIRBNB before? Comment your thoughts below! I wanna know! tumblr_ly8lkd1LBt1qgy16y


5 thoughts on “Staycation in Manila

  1. I never tried as far as I remember. haha!

    Hi Naomi! 💚 Thanks for the follow here in wp… hope to see more of your blogs! If you have twitter we can follow each other as well.. 💕👌 @thelovelyrhythm

    I think we have a lots of things in common.. I also watched legend of the blue sea.. as of now i love weightlifting fairy…
    I am also curious if you are a filipino? or just half… hahaha.. stay in touch..💜😀

    • Hi Lovely! I really agree on that one even our blog name matches haha!~ I will definitely keep in touch and follow you on twitter!

      I was so tempted to comment more on your anime and movie reviews but I got shy. 😀 So far I’m on Ep. 4 in Legend of the Blue Sea!~ I also love Weightlifting fairy! Have you watched Goblin already? 😀 I’m half filipino, half Chinese. 😀

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