The Coldplay concert in Manila has passed as well as Coachella. Still, I can’t get over the magical night when I attended Coldplay’s concert even though Chris Martin was two meters away from us. I remember people being united as one, us dancing to A Sky Full of Stars, singing our hearts out to Yellow and going crazy to Something Just Like This. There was one couple crying whilst Yellow was being played and I guess because they were so overjoyed that both of them saw this band live. It was a really amazing experience. This is why I never complain when I buy Gen Ad tix. for concerts because at least your part of something worthwhile. You see your favorite artist live even if it’s just meters away and you get to meet cool new people who like the same things you do. Anywhoo, I wanted to share my OOTD for that day even though it was friggin’ hot I decided to go for a bell sleeve top and a crochet shorts. If you guys have been a long time reader of my blog you’ve seen me wear the crochet shorts before and I actually don’t mind wearing the same clothes all over again because that’s what fashion is. You have to re-create something to make it look, what’s the word. . . bongga. You don’t have to wear the most expensive clothes to look fashionable. You just have to be creative. My theme here was Coachella because Coldplay reminds me of a Coachella concert: Freedom, Fun and Playfulness.


Top: Something Borrowed | Sunglasses: Sunnies

Make-up style I used with this outfit:



I noticed that there are a lot of international acts coming this year!

Pero teka lang, yun puso at pera ko hindi pa handatumblr_inline_mvpndmGP6E1ro4gn4

I’m planning to go to Ed Sheeran’s concert this year, What about you guys? tumblr_inline_mjs0amUmJ21qdlkyg


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