Why My Blog Schedule is Like I’m Some Ex Who Randomly Pops Out of the Blue

Most of the time I just pop out a blog post out of nowhere and I can’t always reason out that I’ve been to busy or I’ve been living my life (which most of the time I am). Let’s be real here creating quality content is really exhausting, there are a lot of blog posts ideas that are inside my head and resources on the internet but most of them are already created and I always struggle on how I’ll be able to make my blog posts unique, relatable while having quality content. It takes time to craft a quality blog posts, It takes a lot of processes doing it and it ain’t easy my friend.

Even nowadays social media is a fast changing industry, trends quickly come and go overnight or even fade out in days. It feels so Hollywood-ish, that’s why sometimes I feel pressured on how to entice my audience. Even as a beauty blogger, I get bewildered on how there are a lot of people who blog/vlog a set of products like. . .how in Jeffree Star’s name do they do that?!! Do they even use them on a daily basis!? My blog’s philosophy has always been being honest in my product reviews, that’s why it takes months for me to review a product to see if it truly is up to par and not just some bullshit advertising scheme (Unless it’s the packaging, the packaging always gets me). Because, you know we want to get our money’s worth.

There’s also the expenses, my friends ask me if I get paid to do reviews and the answer is “No”. I use my own money and right now it’s kinda difficult to blog because I have to budget my expenses, you know “Adulting”. The struggle is REAL MGA BES! So I really apologize if I don’t review the latest product but I promise there are more reviews coming soon and I might even do vlogging as well? So sit tight, guys.



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