Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review

What’s up guys! Today I’m going to review one of Innisfree’s most best selling item, the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

I chanced upon an Innisfree kiosk at Changi Airport before our flight back to Manila. Innisfree products are known to be eco-friendly and contains natural ingredients from Jeju. What I love about this brand is how they promote recycling and they have several campaigns of it. One of them is called Innisfree Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign wherein you can hand in your empty Innisfree bottles and get points. A great marketing strategy I must say.ย 

This was one of the cheapest products they have aside for the Hand Cream and I heard really good reviews about this so I thought I’d try it out.


I love the packaging! It’s so cute yet fragile as it’s a glass type packaging. I just hate that it doesn’t have something to scoop with since it’s a hassle to just use your fingers. IMO it’s pretty unhygienic.


One of the primary ingredients is the 6,020 mg of Jeju Volcanic Clay which explains the clay-like texture. For the fragrance, you won’t smell anything at all once you apply it but when you smell the product itself it smells like clay doh.

Applying the product is thick at first but once you spread it on your face it glides really easily unlike other masks I’ve tried.


The instructions on the back of the box advised that you have to cleanse and tone your face for it to be effective. What I did was just cleanse my face. I didn’t use toner since I’ve been taking care of my skin lately and trying not to put too much skincare products on it.

I obviously had fun taking selfies of it

After a few minutes of applying the product, my face started to feel a cool sensation and tightness which means the product is doing its magic. Also my nose, which was the most oiliest part of my face started to show sweat which means the product was taking off the sebum I guess. I wanted to take a photo but it looked gross.ย tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow

After 10 minutes, I washed it off and what I immediately noticed is that my face felt cleaner and smoother. I felt so refreshed and my pores were minimized.


I love this product but I guess I was expecting more of it because of the hype. I would definitely repurchase it because I love how I feel like I’m in a spa when I used it. It’s a very good mask for exfoliation. *thumbs up






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