Review: Wensha Spa Pasay

Sometime ago, I suddenly came up with an idea to bring my mom to vacation as she’s always working and desperately needs a break, I’ve checked out some spa’s on the internet and I was deciding on I’M hotel or Wensha Spa. I ended up on this one because it’s much cheaper. lol

Though I did heard some rather bad reviews but I thought why not try it out and test the waters~ So, this is my brutally honest review of the place.

I purchased a voucher on Metrodeal since they had a promo so booking was easy but reserving, now that’s another question. I guess I’m just happy making two attempts in reservation, the first one got me pissed because when I called to reserve the phone just kept ringing until someone pressed the button to end it. I rang again and finally someone answered, I made a reservation on September 2 but it was reserved and the available date was September 10, I agreed on that. After that, my paranoia set in, before September 10, I attempted to call again to confirm my reservation. This time, the reservation wasn’t so bad as they finally had a marketing team or whatever for reservations.

Fast forward to September 10, we arrived at 2:40 pm at the venue. When we walked-in, we were greeted by a long line of people who were checking-in with a Metrodeal voucher. After waiting for 30 minutes, It’s finally my turn to check-in. The lady taking the reservation was really…upfront, she asked me which services I’d like to avail as If I’ve been here before but I obviously didn’t know what to pick. She’s not very accommodating and she’s also being really impatient. She said “Anong gusto mo nga, 1 hour foot spa ba or body massage, buffet, Jacuzzi?!” I panicked and just told her I want a 1 hour body massage and buffet. Then a lady stepped in saying why the hell was she given only two lockers when there were 4 of them, she said that the reservation girl agreed on giving her 4. I don’t want to go in to details because in the end the girl gave her another key for the locker. I was finally given one locker and a wrist bracelet which was deemed as my number. I don’t understand why we were only given one locker even when my reservation was for two people.

We then proceeded to the entrance and totally got lost, I find that people in the dining area are also very unaccommodating. The waiters already know that we were lost as we had no robes and yellow slippers on which was the spa’s “uniform”. I then proceeded to ask the waiter on where the hell are we suppose to go and with utter rudeness he told me to go to the girl’s locker room on the left side.

Thankfully, the people handing out uniforms and taking reservations were accommodating. Also at the girl’s locker room there’s a jacuzzi inside wherein you have to have no bra on if you wanna use it. That’s a No for me but my mum wanted to try it out.

We changed and went directly to the buffet area, according to Metrodeal, we can choose a variety of food from Chinese to Italian. However when we arrived at the buffet station, it was just a typical selection of steamed Fish fillet, Adobo, Tofu, Chicken, Egg soup, Siopao, Siomai and Ox tripe. Out of all those, I only kept going back to the Ox tripe and Fish fillet. I hated the Siomai and Tofu. It just tasted awful and the Siomai were like the cheap ones that you buy at the mall. My mom enjoyed it though but she hated the Siomai as well.

After that, we then went to reserve for the 1 hour body massage, this is where my patience was being tested. After reservation the receptionist told me to come back in a whooping 1 hour. I told my mom that we shouldn’t go anywhere and just wait to which she agreed. We seated infront of the reservation desk where we sat with an old lady. She started talking to my mom and telling her how the place is giving her headaches due to the staff, from the lady who was taking the reservation to the unaccommodating waiters. We all had the same problem because they were only given limited lockers, the waiters didn’t accommodate them on their Shabu-Shabu and now the painstakingly long wait for a body massage. We just laughed at how she explained it because she was very entertaining and witty. In the middle of the conversation, It was now her turn for the body massage.

While Waiting for The Massage

We then waited for 30 minutes and was called to go in the massage room. The room was dark and there were massage beds lined up. We waited for another 30 minutes, while waiting I noticed that there was a foreigner and she’s almost done with the massage and I got surprised when the lady took both her arms, stretched her, proceeded to rock back and forth while carrying the foreigner with her body for about 5 seconds. I think it was called stretching.

Massage room

And finally after 30 minutes of waiting, the two massage therapist went in and mentioned our numbers. I admit the body massage was goooood, it was a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu, only better. I’ve heard from blog reviews that some massage therapists won’t massage you well becauseAfter the massage, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated just like a newborn.


The good thing about this is the massage, I would love to go back and try their foot spa and maybe their jacuzzi. The whole experience was okay but in my opinion, they really need to have a wider selection of food, and they have a lack of staff so not all customers are being accommodated. But it’s a good place to relax with friends and family.




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