Review: Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream

Canmake is one of my favorite Japanese cosmetic brands because of the cute, princess-y type packaging and quality products. I was eyeing this particular product for a while now and I FINALLY HAVE IT. MWAHAHAH. *Ticks off beauty product bucketlist

Today I’m reviewing the Canmake Perfect Serum BB cream.


A BB cream born from beauty serum.

You can care for your skin just by applying it.

Contains 21 types of beautifying ingredients.

Natural, yet with superb coverage.

SPF 50 & PA+++, with a formulation that’s gentle on your skin.

A skincare product that reduces the effect of the sun’s rays and acts as a foundation with sheer coverage.

8 Effects in One:

Beauty lotion, Beauty serum, Face-pack, Make-up base, Sunscreen, Concealer, Foundation, Time-saving.

BB beauty serum face-pack, contains 21 types of beautifying ingredients, specially chosen for their skincare effects.

The springy cream containing beautifying ingredients clings tightly to the skin. While you are applying it, the cream is caring for your skin.

Contains 21 types of beautifying and moisturizing ingredients.


The superb coverage hides all skin imperfections, such as dullness, blemishes and acne scars.


High-protection SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreen provides thorough protection from ultraviolet rays for your skin in all seasons.

Make-Up Base and Foundation:

Spread thinly to act as a make-up base. Apply a thicker layer to act as a foundation. Spread thinly to serve instead of a make-up base with sunscreen. You can also layer your usual foundation over the top.

How to Use:

After preparing your skin with your usual skincare routine (after applying toner).

You can also use it after using beauty lotion and/or beauty serum if you’d like.

For areas of particular concern, please apply another thin layer on top.


The packaging is designed with Rococo style motifs. If you don’t know what Rococo style is it’s a french art style movement in the early to late 18th century. It coincides with the reign of Louis XV, and its style departs from the grandiosity of Versailles as developed under Louis XIV. A perfect example would be the movie, Marie Antoinette by my favorite director, Sofia Coppola. Moving on, the packaging is simple yet cute and definitely eye-catching.


Unfortunately, there was no swatches at the kiosk in Watsons so I thought that #22 was a good match for me since there were only 2 colors and obviously #21 was lighter. This was where I’m wrong. I forgot that I’m buying a Japanese BB cream not a Korean one.

I’ve noticed Korean BB creams tend to get gray-ish on me unlike Japanese BB creams which matches my skin tone very well. I would’ve purchased the #21 since my skin oxidized from this product so it looked slightly dark. The product has a strong yellow undertone.

Surprisingly, a small amount goes a long way with this one. I didn’t expect it to be medium coverage but you do need concealer at the very least. It also sinks on the skin faster so you should quickly blend and apply powder right away. It dries onto a semi-matte finish and there’s no strong fragrance.

The BB cream when freshly applied. :p

What I love about this is that it comes with SPF 50 so you don’t have to apply sunscreen.

What I don’t like about this product is that it settles and emphasize my dry patches like the sides of my nose. So I recommend that you do moisturize first before using this BB cream. It’s also obvious that I’m wearing a BB cream unlike the Econeco BB cream and L’oreal Paris True Match Foundation where it looks like my skin and nobody has noticed that I have something on my skin.

Also another downside is the poor oil control. It makes me look like a grease pan even when I applied the L’oreal Infalliable Powder. When I blotted after 6 hours so many product came off because of too much oil lol. So oil control is a fail on this one.

The product after 4-5 hours, the product oxidized on my face and it starts to look like a grease ball. But a little blotting can fix that!

Hey ho! As you can see, It oxidized into an orange-ish tone. 


It’s good for an everyday BB cream but what I don’t like is the expensive price and the poor oil control. Nevertheless, it’s still my favorite brand and it is of good quality. I seriously have an addiction for Canmake products I’m already planning to get their Foundation and Marshmallow powder in the future. The Canmake products I’ve used are the eyeliner and blush. I’m going to review their best-selling Cream cheek soon! So stay tuned! 😉




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