My Keratin Essence Hydrating Masque Experience at Design Studio Manila

My hair has been so limp and dry these past few months that I’ve forgotten to take care of it since I’m too focused on working a lot. I started to research Keratin Treatments online and found out that BeautyMNL introduced their makeover tab which has an array of selections from Hair Treatments, Massages to Mani-Pedi. It was so exciting since I order from BeautyMNL all the time and knowing that they have these makeover and wellness selections make me wanna purchase more! I’m going to try out their Birthday Benefit Brow soon as well.

I did a little research about the Design Studio Manila and it is owned by Ms. Chiara who looks very hands on at her salon, I’ve read the salon’s review on Facebook as well and I was sold. Well known Fashion bloggers have already visited the place and it was a sure thumbs up for these chic fashionistas such as Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy and Patricia Prieto. I’ve found out this was the group’s fave go-to salon and I was so excited to try it.

The salon is located at Makati and it’s very near Shopping hubs so it’s perfect after you visit the salon you can meet up with your Barkada and maybe show off your new look. 😉

After I’ve bought the Keratin Masque from BeautyMNL they’ve sent an email for confirmation. There’s also a code as well that you will give to the receptionist when you call in for reservation. Don’t forget to screenshot the coupon on your BeautyMNL makeover tab for the salon’s reference when you visit. I immediately booked a reservation on a weekday as it was my day off.

The salon was located in front of The Greenbelt Residences, Beside Metrobank. Though it really is easy to miss. I had to ask the guard at Metrobank on where it is and it’s just beside it. LOL

Their interior looks really classy, I also liked that there were only few people since it was a weekday. They immediately led me to their chair which was automatic (ohh, sorry taga bundok). The chair can transform into a bed when you get your hair prepped for rinsing, I’ve never had a relaxing rinse before at a salon in my life! Also their salon chairs can be adjusted with a push of a button.

Alien Mode

I was then offered coffee or tea while my hair was currently steamed and was busy reading Kryz Uy’s book. I opted for their Goji Berry Tea! Good thing too as I was dying from hunger since I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet as I had to leave early because this place was located at Makati and it was a Wednesday morning so you know how it is, the traffic was so bad. 

Once my Keratin Treatment was done my hair felt so soft and smooth. I was advised not to wash my hair for 2 days and if I do, I’ll have to use conditioner and then shampoo after a couple of days. The treatment also reduced frizziness from my hair and I’m proud to say that I was very happy with my salon experience. I felt like I was treated like a VIP. 😁 I’ll definitely go back for their other salon services.


To check out what BeautyMNL has to offer for makeover’s you may go thru this link:


Have you tried Design Studio Salon yet? Share your experience below! I’d love to know your experience about their other services! 😀


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