Collective Haul: November 2017

Sometimes, you really need to treat yourself from all the hard work you’ve been putting. Before I got a new job, I haven’t really been treating myself to the things I like to save money for the big F-U-T-U-R-E. Since I’ve noticed I was able to save a lot I spent it on a couple of things.

From Left to Right:

Sephora Collection Nourishing Cream (Cotton Flower):

Been eye-ing on getting the Body Shop’s cherry blossom body wash but opted for this instead. Let’s see how this goes.

Klarity Diamond Glow Masque

Sephora Cleansing Cream:

I haven’t tried any cleansing cream before as I’ve usually use just a face wash for cleansing or the Human Nature Sunflower Oil for removing my makeup.

Dr. Jart Hand Cream:

My hands really need some TLC especially when they get really dry at the office, so I decided to get this.

Sephora Almond Lip Balm:

A girl can never have too many lip balms. 😉


From Left to Right:

Althea’s Medi Heally Herb Warm Pack:

I bought this along with the It’s Skin Power 10 VC, I got curious on what use is this product for. It’s great for when you’re having your period and need an on-the-go heating pack. I don’t recommend leaving this for more than 7 hours though as it left a kind of pus on my abdomen. Not gonna purchase again because of that, I’d rather use a heat pad.

Sephora Cleansing Collection Yuzu Cleansing Wipes:

I haven’t tried using cleansing wipes for makeup yet so I thought i’d try this out. In my opinion, their bad for the environment. Gonna give this a try though.

Althea’s It’s Skin Power 10 VC:

Again, another product I was curious about I’m very well aware of serums but never thought of buying one since I think it’s just another fad for Korean beauty products. Turns out this product makes my face look more bright and smooth. I’ll post a more detailed version of the review soon.


Sephora Algae Invisilk Mask

Marc Jacobs Mascara


See anything that you’ve tried before? Share them in the comments below! 🙂


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