5 Essential Skincare products for Summer!

The summer heat is on! Whether you’re spending your holidays at the beach or at home it won’t hurt to give your skin some extra love. 1. Sunscreen This is the most imporant part in skin care! When going outside … Continue reading

Where to Get Your K-Beauty Fix in the PH

1. Etude House Etude House is the first Korean beauty store to land here in the Philippines. I remember my Korean friend being surprised and raving about it when we were in high school. Etude House is mostly catered to teens … Continue reading

Top 5 favorite Youtubers

Youtube is where i spend most of my time on the internet like maybe an hour or so, or maybe more so i compiled the top youtubers i usually watch!~ i know you watch them too. tumblr_inline_mjs0bfOWcn1qdlkyg

1. Jenna marbles

I love love Jenna Marbles, i’ve been a long time follower of her Youtube videos because she’s funny and sarcastic. she’s also of my youtube girl crush,  and yes i love her adorable, full of sunshine and sparkly rainbow dogs Marbles & Kermit. I guess i get my weirdness from her.


2. React Series by The Fine Brothers




I hope they make more of this!!!

I don’t know if that’s the right title for it. but yeah, i find their series (Kids React,Teens React, Cats React & Elders React) really interesting.


3. PewDiePie

Since i don’t have anytime to play video games, which is sooooo freakingggg saddddd! *Le Sob

anywhoo, i like watching PewDiePie’s videos since they are hilarious! i also feel like i’m playing the game too except with less curse words and more. . . game over.

4. Anna Akana

I just found Anna Akana’s videos while i was typing some Self-help tips and so i watched this video of hers and found her pretty funny and entertaining. i love how her videos are all so relateable and not sugar coated, i guess she’s just being herself and she doesn’t give a fuck on what people think of her. she’s a great voice actress and she does web series and acting, i have yet to check out her videos though. she likes cats too!~ yayyyy~ her voice reminds me of Ellen Page or Princess Venelope Von Schweetz.

basically, she’s like Jenna Marbles only she likes cats.


5. People who upload videos about cats and dogs!!!

I mean these videos are like the essence of Youtube

Yep, better than spending my time at Facebook.


Video Source: Youtube.com


My Products/Make Up Wish List


Currently the things i’m saving for

One thing i’m currently obsessed in saving is Revlon’s Photoready Line!

My friend has one and i borrow it whenever we retouch (Buti di siya nakakapalan sa mukha ko sa kakahiram tumblr_me96xrzFNr1qdlkyg because its really friggin expensive! it’s like P900.00! but it’s worth it.) i like the finish look that Revlon Photo Ready Make up does and how Revlon Photoready Concealer covers some of my Undereye circles~

I’ve been looking for a decent concealer, as a fine arts student myself i stay up really late and because of that i have huuge noticeable under eye circles, especially when i’m very stressed!

I’ve researched about it too and most are positive and good reviews.

Next is BB cream cotton fit from Etude House, i’m a huuge fan of etude house’s bb cream!  Also wanted to buy the Princess etoinette lipstick, curse this for being so cute & girly!

Last is Lucidol, i saw it in watsons the other day and it’s a japanese product! i plan to try it myself.