The Coldplay concert in Manila has past as well as Coachella. Still, I can’t get over the magical night when I attended Coldplay’s concert even though Chris Martin was two meters away from us. I remember people being united as one, us dancing to A Sky Full of Stars, singing our hearts out to Yellow and going crazy to Something Just Like This. There was one couple crying whilst Yellow was being played and I… Continue reading


Current Ear Candies: Jude Perl, Deadmau5, Chvrches, Bombay Bicycle Club

Thanks to Spotify discovering music became so much easier!

Jude Perl

I found out about her through Spotify. Why is she not popular? She’s very underrated. I love her voice and how she mixed up her song elements. Try and listen to her, you won’t regret it!


I think this song was released years ago and i just found out about it. Ugh, Why now?! Anywhoo, I love how the song gives off a nostalgic vibe.


I think the song has a sad story behind it judging by the lyrics because I listen to this every morning when i go to work. I can’t wait for their new album!

Bombay Bicycle Club

The original singer for this is John Martyn. I honestly thought it was their original song. I listened to John Martyn’s version, It was good but i prefer this version.

The Red Tour and An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

When my friend told me that Taylor Swift was coming here, i was so expanding with excitement! The announcement for tickets was way early and not enough time for me to save up for the patron seats,lower box or V.I.P … Continue reading

Current Fave Artists: Lorde, 1975, Sam Smith!~

I can’t tell you how many times i played her single “Royals” & “Tennis Court”.

No i literally can’t since i don’t have itunes right now because i formatted my laptop and i’m too lazy to download.

She has the most amazing and mysterious vocals that i adore.

This is my jam! i listen to this every night and i swear the vocalist is like having sex with your ears! i would have said eargasm but i wanted to tell it in a fan girl way. aside from Chocolate, i’am in love with their whole album! Eargasm overload!

This song should have been given to them!

I would have posted the acoustic version of Latch since Sam Smith is just divine on that video, but i wanted to post where i truly fell in love with his voice! Gawd, he is so gorgeous on this video!

Sam Smith’s voice is just smexy!

From what i researched Both 1975 & Sam Smith were heavily influenced by American Culture or Black American Music