Hong Kong Travel Diary 2016: Day 1

I finally got to blog about my Hong Kong trip!!! It was my first time to get out of the country and pay my own expenses. For me it’s actually satisfying to spend your hard-earned money for experiences like this. First up is … Continue reading

Sambo kojin: A must try for buffet lovers

I LOVE FOOD~ Isn’t it obvious?

Ever since me and my boyfriend started dating he would usually take me out to any buffet restaurants when it’s our monthsary or anniversary. He loves food more than I do especially buffets. He was the one who suggested to our friend that we eat at Sambo Kojin for his birthday.

It was our friend’s birthday last Jan 6,2014, we celebrated his birthday at Sambo kojin, Eastwood.tumblr_m4i9clAQzc1qdlkyg

The price range at Sambokojin is 600-800Php  per head.


The first thing we noticed was the display of desserts on the table. We arrived early and the staff were just starting to serve the food.



So tempting! I just wanted to eat these babies first!

Sambo Kojin has a wide variety of choices from Japanese food to Korean food. They have a similiarity to Yakimix because you can cook your own food too using the grill thingy.


 Yep, this is how my friends eat.

Our favorite was mostly seafood, sushi & meat like bacon and beef that we kept refilling.

A new technique I found out with the grilling is that the choices on the side like the butter, sauce and etc.. are used to make the food more tastier. tumblr_inline_mm2wbgeIOz1qz4rgp Don’t blame me, I don’t know how to cook lol. I only know how to cook noodles!tumblr_m9gcmenKwA1qzckow

Though Sambo Kojin had lesser choices compared to Yakimix their food are really delicious and has quality. I just dislike how there’s an additional charge when you refill for drinks. After devouring different kinds of sushi, beef & seafood I surrendered. I hate that I got full really fast! And yes, I did have room for desserts. Take note, NEVER EVER EVER mix Coffee ice cream with Strawberry ice cream! JUST DON’T. Overall, Sambo Kojin is a great destination for Buffet lovers, I enjoyed a lot of their different cuisines! It’s definitely worth a try! Like all buffet restaurants they also sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday celebrant as long as they brought their birth certificate or something that’s proof it’s their birthday.


With the Birthday Boy! tumblr_me96x3rQqL1qdlkyg


An outing is never complete without a selfie.tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp


ETC’s Blue Christmas Tree!~