Let’s Take A Trip to Wonderland at The Bunny Baker Cafe & Cake Studio

I finally had the chance to try The Bunny Baker Cafe! I have been wanting to try this restaurant ever since I heard about it and you guys know why! I love all things kawaii and adorable which makes The Bunny Baker … Continue reading

Project Pie: Project Awesome

Sembreak was at it’s peak when we went to try out Project Pie. i’ve been hearing rave reviews about it so when i was tagged to come along with my friends at Project Pie, SM North Edsa i snagged the opportunity to try it out.

Project Pie is located at the upper ground floor of SM North Edsa. you won’t miss the place as it’s ambience stands out once you spot the restaurant.




I noticed that the people who hang out here are either foodies, students or yuppies who are just here to have a good time with their friends, i don’t blame them since the ambience is creative, classy and stylish that’s perfect for the youth.

We were suppose to go for the Create your own Pizza but we were very hungry from commuting so we settled for the Order by Number. i asked what was their best seller and the staff recommended their #2 and #5 so we opted for that. once we got to the counter the cashier offered their scrumptious pizza: Banana Nutella. the forbidden word in our barkada: NUTELLA. once we heard that we were blown away. NO WAY. NUTELLA P-P-PIZZA?? TAKE MY MONEYYYY cashier ladyyyy. i mean, so yeah, we ordered the magical Banana Nutella Pizza.



The #2 – P245


Though i’m not used to it’s thin crust because i have been eating the thick ones in my life let me just say that this is soooo delicious. you will immediately taste the italian sausage, savored with the perfect blend of pepperoni, mozarella and garlic.



Banana Nutella – P195

Tun tun tun tun~ *drum roll please and Hallelujah vocalsss while mixing it with you and this pizza running on a beach and slowly reuniting, i mean slowly taking a bite. because that’s what i imagined while i was slowly devouring this pizza.

Overall, we had a great time with the place and the pizza, it’s definitely a great hang out as well. however, i didn’t like iced tea because it tasted like actual tea. aside from that, we were very happy with the interior of the place and the staff were very friendly, helpful and well trained. an overall great concept and is reasonably priced.


Project Pie

Upper Ground Floor, Main Building, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City



Hello Kitty is now in Line Play! i find hello kitty to be overrated but visiting her room is so cute i can’t help it! i wish they used some other sanrio characters though other than her. Dear Line, there’s my melody,banapple and other cute stuff please let them be there not the overrly rated HK.


Another cute game from line that will be included in my next top kawaii apps post!~


My mom glued together some excess foam from our store and made it into a pillow!~


Home made chicken fillet by mom! she was craving for it after she ate mcdonalds the other day of course it’s much more tastier than in mcdonalds.


My midnight snack

photo (4)

Took a picture of this because my prof didnt think that anybody would ever take a digital arts medium for the the competition so he didn’t announce this. i ended up picturing it ohmigawd hate him!

photo (5)

materials for sculpture on my friend’s blackberry i was lazy to write it down so i took a picture of it on my ipod then when i got home and was about to go out and buy one i took a picture of it again from my phone. hoho laziness.

photo (6)

I was gonna register for that facebook game “stardoll”. it had registration problems but this i loyk! Unicornanj oh it knows me so well 😦 we would have been bestfriends if this game didn’t screw up. 😦 lol


bought new sunglasses!!~ finally bought a round sunglasses/cateye or whatever are those called.