My Top Kawaii Ipod/Iphone App

  1. 4pics 4 Pics in 1 Word App!~
    My boyfriend recommended me this. basically you guess the 4 shown pictures with one word it’s really fun! i’m a master at this! kekekeke~ tumblr_m9gckz0sJR1qzckow unfortunately i restored my ipod and deleted my high scores. /craiii tumblr_m9gcl3DN2F1qzckow
  2. toca Toca Tailor
    You can design what outfit to wear for your characters and you can even make our own design through taking pictures of a fabric you want. so if you’re a fashionista at heart you should download this app! tumblr_m9gcm8DTas1qzckow as for me i just make fun of the outfits and make them dress like Lady GaGa. tumblr_m9gcuvmluS1qzckow
  3. photo Candy Crush Saga
    This game is highly addicting ever since my friends recommended it to me. it made me so addicted i needed to download the app!~~ i know most of you guys know this already~ no need to explain it. well okay,i need to.. basically you match 3 of the same candies together so easy right?. . .NO!
    as you go through higher levels you find out new techniques and it gets more and more difficult and you’ll get stressed and pour out rages and you get stuck on a level. it’s pretty fun though~ tumblr_m9gcwaXdHx1qzckow
    It’s a good app to kill the time while you’re waiting that is if you don’t get stuck though.
  4. linecum Line Camera
    This one is my Ipod’s editing best friend~ i don’t download any other editing apps anymore because of this! this baby lets you take photos with effects too! you can also edit it with frames and stamps and write something on it~ this app is my purikura! an all in one~ my ipod is not complete without this!
  5. pudding  Pudding Camera
    OMFG! this app is like a god! a goldmine! i found this out while i was looking for cool camera apps on google! of course as a kpop fan myself i typed “Kpop apps” and this came out. after i downloaded this it was fucking history! tumblr_m9gclke0QX1qzckowahem anyway,this is the only camera app i use when it comes to taking pictures and thank god it’s free and i hope always will be. i’m a camera app addict and this one captured my heart and soul~ it has awesome effects and you don’t need editing anymore. this app is awesome~ tumblr_m9gclpn3pQ1qzckow
  6. journie Journie App
    This is a diary app~ i’ve been using this app for a very long time since i don’t have time to write on my diary anymore. they changed the name of the app to Journie,forgot what was their previous name but i like this app a lot. for me this is the best Journal writing app (for girls) it’s pink and you can download themes & stickers. it also has a calendar~ and for those people who always borrow your iPhone/iPod don’t worry~ there’s a passcode for those pesky friends who are snooping around and “testing” on one of your apps.tumblr_m9gckz0sJR1qzckow
  7. lineLine Play 

I guess you guys already know this.i already talked about this on my last entry. I just warn you,this app is not a joke.tumblr_m9gckz0sJR1qzckow


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