Things I Thought I’d Never Liked But Now Do

There’s a time when we never want to try new things like say why the hell do people listen to kpop? what the hell is sooo good about it? then you just “accidentally” or out of curiousity listened to it/ watched it on youtube and you can’t get the song out of your head. e.g: Gangnam Style

and you can’t get the song out of your head. you tell yourself & your friends that you hate it but after a while it’s like one of those guilty pleasures until you love it.

1. Dresses

I used to hate dresses when i was a little girl, because one time i was playing a game where there’s a train of people then you crawl under it until you reach the exit. well,i was playing with my guy cousins and was wearing a dress,my grandmother looked really pissed. she then called me and told me to stop playing the game because i was wearing a dress and look “unladylike”. ever since then i stopped wearing dresses and started wearing jumpers or shorts,i hated wearing dresses because i thought they looked really difficult to move around with & look formal-ish. until,i started using Tumblr back in 2011 and saw a lot of pretty vintage dresses,then at that time i was hooked on to Kpop as well. Obviously all kpop girls would wear this pretty vintage stylish dresses as well so i finally decided to buy one.

2.One Direction
By the time,One Direction’s first single came out a.k.a “What Makes You Beautiful” i listen to a lot of indie bands and mostly criticize mainstream music. so yeah i hated them so very friggin much,my friend even said that they’re like justin bieber times 5. but the song was on everywhere! it was on the radio,at school,at the mall until i automatically memorized the lyrics. then another song came out from their album “One thing” and good lord i noticed Harry styles. I didn’t even notice the other members well,Liam Payne caught my attention. then they released another song that’s upbeat and catchy then another one and another until they became my guilty pleasure. i just like Harry Styles though,because Liam’s new haircut just ain’t doing it.

3.Make up
I loathe this! out of all the girly stuff when i was a little girl i certainly loathe this! i still remember our yaya forced my mom to put Red Lipstick on me because i won’t let mom put it.
after they successfully did,my lips felt very uncomfortable! it was the most uncomfortable thing i have ever felt. I kept getting tissues and wiping it away,i was even disgusted that it was red,i thought it was made from blood *lol. ever since then i hated Red Lipstick.
Next was back in elementary when i used to participate in school events,i was mostly picked for dancing. but before an event of course we had to wear make up to look presentable i remember one time when i planned to ditch it,unfortunately i failed.
God,there was even this one time before the program my classmate’s mother was doing my make-up. i hated where she was applying pencil eyeliner and my eyes were about to tear up. she said to try and make it stop tearing up well how the hell am i suppose to do that when you put it so roughly like i had no soul! that’s where i started hating eyeliner then i came hating on blush and eye shadow because people who did it for me made it look dark, so instead of a pink and cute blush turned into a dark black swan natalie portman-ified make up!

Don’t even get me started on my first prom make up oh GOD it was like hell for me! after the prom pictures i looked like a drag queen! my friends from other schools would comment “why do you look homo?” well it’s not my fault that the gay people from a certain salon made me look that way. ugh i was obviously a virgin from make up. i was a real tomboy! i only use baby powder and it was an essential for me…until now.

Once our high school supervisor found out that some high school girls were putting make-up in the girl’s comfort room. (our school doesn’t allow high school girls to use make-up) she said that you look beautiful just being yourself and just putting baby powder on and that make-up makes you look like a flirt.(of course she’ll say that.) at that time i wholly agree with her speech.

Then i realized in my senior year where the girls from my classroom did their make up effortlessly and some of my friends knew how to do it.i also had a crush that time and he was looking at my girl classmates on how they do they’re make up and of course i wanted to know how to do it too!  (No,he’s not gay! he was curious! plus he was close with the girls,so yeah.) After i recieved my senior grad pic everybody complimented on how beautiful i was,even my teachers ohohoo! i looked at my picture and noticed maybe it was the make up? but it just made me realize so i look beautiful with make up on WTF.

Then came my 2nd semester of my first year in college. i had new girl-friends and found out that they like make up! those were the opposite people i wanted to hang out with and those were were girls who wore make-up!

that time it kinda pissed me that they took a really long time in the comfort room retouching and i would just use my compact powder and that’s it. until i don’t know when it happened i guess hanging out with them just made me like make-up more. now i feel naked without make up,i can’t go out without using bb cream or something on my face. i now have my own offical set of make up and a pink lipstick i stole from mom hoho! she doesn’t even use it anyway,most of my make up are from her. tumblr_m9gcl3DN2F1qzckow

I then realized that make up was an essential,a girl’s secret weapon.

but the downside of using make up… it’s just sometimes when you’re used to seeing a person with make up on you get really surprised when you see them without it.
like Nana from Afterschool

Nana being a goddess




Nana with minimal make up


Nana being human

she looks…normal.

She looks like Tricia Gosingtian when Tricia doesn’t have make up on too.

(Nana and Tricia are both pretty. not bashing her i just think they look the same without make up. *duh)

Female celebs look like normal people without make up on.

I lost some of my insecurities when i found out some kpop stars or uljjangs/ulzzangs are really different without make up and also some people too,i seriously swear make up just transforms you.

so whoever said that Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty when it should be Make up.

lololol but seriously we girls still look beautiful without makeup on~

I end this post with a quote from Nana

 “Always love yourself. Then you will definitely be more attractive. It’s important for women to have confidence. So please have confident in yourself. Because that’s the secret to being radiant.” – Nana


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