Opening My Althea Korea Beauty Box!

Before, I would just covet cute Korean beauty items on international websites or just drool on them while watching Get It Beauty. Even just scrolling, pinning or reblogging them on my account made my day. But Thank goodness for Althea Korea for fulfilling every K-beauty geeks’ dreams!

Althea Korea is an online shopping website that offers a variety of Korean cosmetics at a CHEAPER PRICE as they ship their products directly from South Korea.

They have a wide selection of Korean beauty brands like Innisfree, IOPE, Mamonde and other hard-to-find Korean cosmetics. Keep in mind that their items sell out quickly these days so a brand, like for example, Peripera might disappear on the website for a while but if you wait a few days it will re-appear.

Anyway, I love that Althea Korea gives awesome offers and great discounts. They also give you free shipping once your order reaches Php 1,500 and above!

The shipping was pretty fast since I ordered it last week and it came after 4 days. I have to remind you that you should leave an I.D or authorization letter when you’re not at home. As my mum had to scavenger the house for my I.D. tumblr_inline_miw4wvwSFp1qz4rgp

And now, here are the items that I ordered. *Drumroll


I love that the packaging is all pink and it was pretty secured. The items inside were actually housed in a bubble wrap with pink paper maches, I just had to remove it immediately because I got excited. tumblr_inline_mm2wb67mxJ1qz4rgp


I got the Too Cool For School Marshmallow Puff, since I really don’t get the hype on Beauty Blenders and IMHO I wouldn’t pay for such a thing since It’s just a sponge so I found something cheaper! This cute puff! tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp


This Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner has been highly raved by so many beauty bloggers and is a dupe for the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. I’ve been looking for an eyeliner to replace my Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner since it’s almost out so I chose this one from Tony Moly. I’ve already used it and I finally understand the hype! I like that it dries off to a matte finish and is freakin’ waterproof! Seriously, I washed my face two times for this so I can say it’s pretty durable and smudge-proof.


I was actually looking for a primer and since I know that Banila Co. is pretty well known when it comes to their base makeup, I had to purchase their Prime Primer in Classic Matte!


A lot of beauty shopping websites I know sell this but I got really, well..confused on the price since it varies from Php 360-Php 400 for a lip balm! It’s so expensive! So when I saw this on Althea Korea my little marshmallow heart exploded! It’s a win-win for me since this is It’s Skin’s limited edition Macaron Tinted Lip & Cheek. And it’s so cute!!~ tumblr_inline_miw4x8Aknb1qz4rgp

I was pretty satisfied with my Althea Korea shopping experience! If you want to check out more of their products just visit them heretumblr_m4i9clAQzc1qdlkyg



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